Practical benefits of putting a Mantl under your cloud native applications

mantl-logo-320Cisco and partners built an extensible microservices platform that fits multiple application workload types. The team has vetted and integrated key open source projects in the cloud native space to eliminate guesswork, increase your project’s time to market and give you the flexibility to select the best infrastructure to put your application on.  Continue reading “Practical benefits of putting a Mantl under your cloud native applications”

Selecting a Parent for your FEX

parentCisco Fabric Extenders (FEX) have been a tremendous success since their introduction more than 7 years ago. In essence, a FEX acts as a remote linecard or slot that is configured and controlled from another switch. For the purposes of this post, we will call that remote switch the FEX Parent. This allows a network administrator to combine the management benefits of a single switch with the simplified cabling of a Top of Rack environment. Continue reading “Selecting a Parent for your FEX”